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Bin 2 Barrel (B2B) develops ‘Plastic to oil’ projects using innovative but proven technology. The first project will be developed in the Port of Amsterdam and is currently in the last phase of development.


B2B uses plastic feedstock that is polluted in such a way that it is not suited for mechanical recycling. These plastics will be transformed into a low-sulphur diesel. In B2B’s first project approx.. 20.000 plastics will be transformed into 19 million litres of diesel annually.


Creating highest possible value from plastic waste


B2B is aiming to transform all plastic waste streams which cannot be recycled into oil



B2B uses innovative and efficient technology to fulfil its goals




Due to the increasing focus on sustainability, recovering energy from waste is a topic that receives a lot of attention worldwide. Today most plastic waste is either landfilled or incinerated; both solutions have a negative impact on the environment.

On the other hand there is an increasing shortage of fossil fuels. A lot of technologies are currently being developed to generate energy from, wind and Biomass to replace fossil fuels and reduce the Co2 footprint.


What if both problems can be combined? Idee Using plastic waste to make oil!


Using an innovative technology, plastic waste can be processed into oil. Low value waste streams will be transformed into high value oil streams, generating a healthy business case. The energetic efficiency of the technology is 3 times higher when compared to current solutions.



Bin 2 Barrel processes not-recyclable-plastic-waste in from waste haling and processing companies. Normally these streams would be incinerated or landfilled.

In Europe there is approx. 25 million ton per year of ‘post-consumer-plastics available. There is an equal amount of industrial plastic waste available

Bin 2 Barrel works with renowned haulers and processing companies for the supply of feedstock


The diesel, which will be produced by Bin 2 Barrel, will be sold to the maritime industry. Bin 2 Barrel has a long-term contract with FinCo Fuel for the off-take and distribution of the diesel. Besides that, Bin 2 Barrel will actively sell the diesel in the market. Due to the sustainable character of the diesel, many companies are interested. Shipping companies for example. The Port of Amsterdam has also showed interest.


Bin2Barrel is managed by its founders Paul Harkema and Floris Geeris. Together they have both waste management experience and project development experience. Paul and Floris have been working together since 2012.


Living in Amsterdam, during his study business administration at the Erasmus university in Rotterdam,  Floris obtained licenses for a retail chain specialized in custom fit shirts. In 2007 Floris sold his company, then he started working in real estate where he was actively involved with large real estate developments. Since 2011 Floris started focusing on waste to energy.


Living in Amsterdam, during his study business administration, Bachelor at the VU in Amsterdam and Master at business school in London, Paul founded a company that obtained Benelux licenses for two large international watch brands. After Paul sold this company in 2009 he started working in the family business, which has been active in waste management for the last 30 years. Since 2007 Paul’s focus has been on waste to energy.


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