Bin2Barrel becomes
IGE Solutions Amsterdam


Bin2Barrel is pleased to announce that it will continue as ‘IGE Solutions Amsterdam BV’ after being purchased by the Australian publicly listed  company Integrated Green Energy Solutions Ltd (‘IGES’) which is traded on the Australian Stock Exchange. The IGES acquisition has provided Bin2Barrel with the financial resources, key support and the technology required for turning non-recyclable plastic into clean fuel (road ready Diesel) and resources for new plastics. The project will continue under the name of the main partner and technology supplier.

The name change coincided with the official start of the construction of the first plastic-to-oil plant in the port of Amsterdam on June 15th.  The festivities surrounding the driving of the first pile included speeches by Bin2Barrel founders Floris Geeris and Paul Harkema, Paul Dickson (Executive Chairman of IGES Ltd), Roon van Maanen (Head of Circular & Renewable Industry for the Port of Amsterdam), Geert Bergsma (Manager Supply Chain Analysis at CE Delft) and member of Dutch parliament Dilan Yesilgöz-Zegerius. The plant is expected to be operational by the end of 2018.

The name change has no effect on IGES Amsterdam’s mission to provide a solution for non-recyclable plastic waste. Its first plastic-to-oil plant in the port of Amsterdam will turn 35.000 metric tons of non-recyclable plastic into 30 million litres of clean fuel annually, preventing the emission of 57.000 metric tons of CO₂ every year. Additionally, resources for the production of new plastics are gained.